Quality Filtration Products
Now over 100,000 quality filters including compressed air filters, Hydraulic Filters and complete filter housing assemblies at wholesale discounts. We offer OEM products as well as high quality replacements, engineered to precise OEM specifications and guaranteed to match the exact form, fit and function as the original equipment.

Unlimited Selection
We offer a complete lineup of Compressed Air filters including major OEM brands and high-quality value-priced equivalents. We recently added a new line of Hydraulic Filters from one of the world's leading manufacturers. Our product database is continually expanding. If you are unable to locate a particular product, use this link Click Here to contact our staff for assistance or call us directly at 888-562-0001. Volume discounts are available. For custom orders, you can use the link below to provide product information and to ensure correct sizing and specifications. Custom Order Guide

New Millennium Marine Air Intake Filters Marine Air Intake Filters
Millennium-Filters recently launched a line of marine filters tested and proven in the Great Lakes and heavy duty off-shore applications all over the world. Filter media consists of oil-impregnated cotton gauze sandwiched between epoxy-coated aluminum wire-mesh with polyurethane sealing surfaces.These quality filter elements are made in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials and are directly interchangeable with major manufacturers including: Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Donaldson, NAPA, Parker-Racor, Volvo Penta, Walker Engineering AirSep, Wix

Superior Hydraulic FiltersHydraulic Filters
Broad selection of Hydraulic Filters, cartridges and coreless elements in numerous filter media grades to meet your hydraulic system requirements. These high quality filters provide superior protection from particles and contamination that can result in inefficiency, downtime and excessive repair costs. Hydraulic filters include Behringer, Bosch, Donaldson, Fleetguard, Filtrec, Hydac/Hycon, Internormen, MP Filtri, NAPA, Pall, Parker, Schroeder, Vickers and more.

Air / Oil SeparatorsAir Oil Separators
  • Millennium now offers a complete line of high quality separators guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specs of all major manufacturers including atlas-copco, donaldson, gardner denver, ingersoll rand, sullair and thousands more. Our separators are designed for removal of petroleum or synthetic based oils in air systems and to operate effectively at full pressure withstanding 50 psi differential collapse pressure
  • Designed for installation into the air receiver tank of rotary screw, vane style and refrigeration compressors
  • Wide variety of filter element designs available including conventional or high-efficiency pleated models (for applications requiring below 3pm oil carryover) in vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Airflow capacities are available with exposed 3000 cfm

  • All Major Brands
    Millennium Filters offers direct interchanges with all major OEM brands including Atlas-Copco, Balston, Briggs and Stratton, CompAir, Deltech, Domnick-Hunter, Donaldson Ultrafilter, Eaton, Finite, Gardner Denver, Hankison, Headline, Honda, Ingersoll-Rand, Kaeser, Mann, Pall PPC Trinity, Parker Hannifin, Parker Racor, Pioneer, Purolator, Sullair, Van Air Systems, Wilkerson, Zander and more.

    Products are designed for virtually any application including compressed air, electronics manufacturing, semi-conductor manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, plastic, engineering, environmental, automotive, engine testing, CNG - compressed natural gas, textile, food and beverage, furniture, consumer products, power generation, dental air compressors, pneumatic tools, etc. Our quality filtration products are in use with customers all over the world including the U.S. Armed Forces, Environmental Protection Agency and countless major manufacturers worldwide.

    Complete Array of Filtration ProductsFilter Housings
    Filter Housings, coalescing elements, particulate filters, adsorbers, cartridges, filter bags, custom filtration products. Grade 2 Coalescing elements up to Grade 20, Adsorbing elements, Interceptors, air/oil separators, spin-on separators, filter mats, filter mat panels, oil cartridges, mist eliminators, HT High-temperature filters, condensate separator kits, fuel cartridges, fuel and oil filters, autodrains, compressor fluids, HEPA and MERV 8 rated pleated panel filters.

  • Compressed Air & Gas Filter Housings
  • Breathing Air Filters
  • CNG/Compressed Natural Gas Filters
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Donaldson-Torit Dust, Fume, Mist Collectors
  • Meltblown Cartridges
  • Heavy Duty Truck Filters
  • Oil & Gas Industry Filters
  • Fuel and Oil Filters
  • Filter Bags
  • Pleated Panel Filters
  • Dental Compressor Components
  • Coalescing and Particulate Filters
  • Cast Aluminum Filters
  • Welded Steel Filters
  • Alloy High Pressure Filters
  • Stainless Steel High Pressure Filter
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Compressor Fluid
  • Product Line Card
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  • Air Filters
    Filter Elements

  • Full line of air-intake filters designed to eliminate containments in the air taken in by compressors.
  • Utilizing both cellulose resin impregnated and synthetic polyester media, our filters reach a minimum efficiency of 99.0% and a low 0.5 inch of water resistance at the rated flow.
  • Filters are designed to provide optimal flow rate and dirt holding capacity while maintaining the specified air quality demands of compressed air.
  • Constructed of paper or polyester, with molded plastisol or metal ends, we offer a complete cross-reference to all major compressor manufacturers.
  • Custom designs for specific applications
  • Coalescing Filters

  • Our coalescing filter elements have been designed to retrofit the most popular compressed air, coalescing dryer prefilter and afterfilter, instrumentation and mist eliminator filter housings
  • Cartridge dimensions and end cap configurations allow the user to install cartridges directly into existing filters without any kits or modifications
  • Oil Filters

  • Complete line of oil filters cross-referenced to compressor applications
  • Resin impregnated cellulose and high performance micro glass available for superior dirt holding capacity
  • Oil filters meet or exceed all major OEM requirements.
  • Oil separator or air intake element life depends on conditions of operation.
  • Periodic inspection of pressure differential gauging plus operating experience will determine the change interval.
  • For separators, the replacement at 5 to 15 psi differential pressure is recommended.
  • All separators are furnished with gaskets which are bonded to the flange and ready for installation
  • Heavy Duty Truck Filters

    Full line of Heavy Duty Truck Filtersfuel and oil filters for Navistar Powerstroke, GM Duramax, International, Cummins, John Deere, Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Allison, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler and others. Filters are interchangeable with Parker, Racor, Parfit, Fleetguard, Luber Finer, Baldwin, Donaldson, Fram, Motorcraft, and AC Delco.

    Filter Bags

    • Manufacturer of industrial air and liquid filters, filter bags, filter fabrics for an unlimited variety of applications.Filter Bags
    • Liquid Filter Bags and Housings, micron rated felts and mesh fabrics.
    • Transition Socks and Sleeves for vibratory screening equipment, 3-ply FDA approved materials.
    • Dust Collector bags and cartridges, in cotton, wool, synthetics � Orlon, Dacron, Polypropylene, Teflon felts.
    • Custom Bags and fabrication for grinders, pellet handling, sand blasting.
    • Air and liquid filter bags for all pressure and vacuum leaf filters.
    • Custom bags and fabrication.
    • Filtration Products

    • Donaldson-Torit Dust, Fume, Mist Collectors
    • Desiccants
    • After-Coolers
    • Automatic Drain Valves
    • Air-Cooled Aftercoolers
    • Adsorbent Desiccants for Regenerative Dryers
    • Activated Alumina
    • Silica Gel
    • Solenoid Drains
    • Zero Loss Pneumatic Drains
    • Motorized Ball Valves
    • Van Air Systems Filtration Products
    • Standard Efficiency Pleated

    • Standard Efficiency pleated cartridges manufactured with 2 grades of media – polypropylene and polyester.
    • 6 Micron Ratings
    • 2 Standard Diameters
    • 8 Standard Lengths
    • Custom size PVC end caps
    • Seams are 100% ultrasonically welded to ensure zero bypass
    • Standard Diameters 2.5 and 4.5 inches
    • Standard Lengths up to 40 inches
    • Increased dirt holding capacity as a result of maximizing media in each filter
    • Polypropylene elements with polypropylene cores meet FDA Title 21 regulations for food and water contact
    • Dryers

    • Single Tower Deliquescent Dryers
    • Regenerative Desiccant Dryers
    • Portable Dryers
    • Natural Gas Dryers
    • In-line Desiccant Dryers
    • Heatless Regenerative Dryers
    • Filters, Piping and Bypass Valves
    • Explosion Proof Heatless Regenerative Dryers
    • Heated Regenerative Dryers
    • Heated Regenerative Dryer Accessories
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